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It’s a walking tour based on a city of extremes, excesses and edifices. Babs brings along in her colorful tote bag of years of experience in the travel and entertainment industry, sharing vignettes of her enthusiastic adventures, including her position as Frank Sinatra’s social secretary at the Sand’s Hotel.  Experience the excitement of Las Vegas,  walking around America’s Outdoor Museum of Popular Culture. Meander by Roman Emperors, Vegas Vic or street performers, vintage neon signs, 35 ft. tall show girls, dancing fountains, blazing volcano, copycat architecture and cobbled Parisian lanes. Amble around pirate ships, a towering pyramid, the famous Brooklyn Bridge, Fremont Street or Venetian canals surrounded by serenading  gondoliers. Don’t forget to snap selfies under screaming tourist on ziplines, circus tents or Viva Vision;  or better yet meld into the casino action at ultra-modern resorts or fashionable malls filled with hipsters, celebrity chefs, gamblers, snazzy showrooms and so much more in 180 minutes. It’s like having an Aunt or friend showing you a local’s perspective- you’ll have everything you want without the constraints of a typical tour. 

Private tours are priced for a minimum of two persons.    

Contact Babs at (702) 370-6961(text or voice)


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