Richard Hooker, Babs, and Small Group Tour Downtown Las Vegas Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours

About Us


Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours was formed in 2015 as a collaboration between Babs Daitch and Richard Hooker. It was a perfect match between two professional colleagues and good friends – one that joined Babs’ expertise and love of tourism with Richard’s passion to work in arts and culture. Our tours are developed around original narratives informed by some enduring themes that give Las Vegas its personality, including pop culture, a city of re-invention, an oasis in the desert, the success of excess, and a metropolis built on the architecture of light.


Richard Hooker is a Cultural Urbanist. He was formerly the Urban Arts Coordinator for the City of Las Vegas and worked directly on landmark projects including the Neon Museum, the 18b Arts District, the Cultural Corridor, the Las Vegas Scenic Byway, and the Las Vegas Book Festival. Richard has an enduring interest in Las Vegas as an iconic place but also as a true-grit real life metropolis that still harbors its identity as a city of the American West. As an artist (he works in neon) he believes Las Vegas is one of the most visually stimulating and creative cities in the world – and he loves to share that narrative with visitors.


As a global travel advisor, tour director/ tour guide, operations manager and travel event planner, while maintaining her love and lifestyle centered on the travel experience. She is a veritable walking encyclopedia of information with a wealth of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Southwest and California insights in her back pocket. For fifteen years now, Babs’ feet have been pounding the pavement, spending time revealing history, unique places of interest, local curiosities, architecture, food, fun, contemporary art, reinvention, and a tasty slice of the entertainment industry.

Babs has been an actress and a comedienne. One of her most unique job titles is well suited for Las Vegas: she served as Frank Sinatra’s Social Secretary and was Personal Assistant to Mia Farrow.

To contact Babs, call (702) 370-6961. Email