That's what they said!

“Absolutely loved it!”
It changed our understanding of the city and downtown; absolutely recommended for anyone wanting to learn about Las Vegas history. Thank you for an enjoyable and educational time; loved the discussion about architecture and design!
Chad, British Columbia 

“A lot of local color”
We brought an RV rally to Las Vegas this past October and Babs helped me plan 3 different day tours of the Las Vegas area. She worked with me on choosing our tour stops and added a lot of local color to each day’s tour. She kept our members on track at each stop and was just very knowledgeable and helpful.
Peyton, Colorado

“Must Do if going to Downtown Las Vegas”
This tour was amazing!!! Anyone can go downtown Las Vegas and walk Fremont street, but taking this pop culture tour was incredible. Our tour guide Rick was so knowledgeable of this city’s history and took us to some hidden history treasures we would have not visited on our own. He was fun!!! This is a must do!!!! Worth every second of it!
Pat, St Petersburg, Florida

“Our trip highlight”
Our Pop Culture tour of Fremont Street was the highlight of our trip! As it turned out, it was our guide Amy’s first time leading the tour, but you wouldn’t have known as she did an awesome job. We learned so much about Las Vegas’s origins and checked out several places into which we might not have ventured if we weren’t guided there. Get off the Strip and let this tour open your eyes to another aspect of Vegas!
Jennifer, Seattle

“This is the tour!”
Thank you! Meeting you Rick, taking the tour to see the true Las Vegas was the best memory from Vegas. It gave us insights that made us see it in a new perspective. We had a Great time with you! I hope to see you again in December when we visit again!
Resenjutaren, Sweden

“An absolute must do!”
This tour was easily one of the highlights of mine and my partner’s trip to Las Vegas! Richard was an excellent tour guide, his passion for the area shone through from the very start of the tour. The stories were interesting and the anecdotes were funny and charming. This tour is a MUST DO for any venturing to downtown and wanting to know more about the history of Las Vegas or feel the ‘golden age’ of Las Vegas come alive before your eyes.
Amanda, UK

“Very worthwhile and educational”
This was an amazing tour with a most knowledgeable guide Babs – we learned so much about Fremont Street and the people, the architecture, and the culture that made this city what it is today. What a wonderful way to spend an hour and a half.
Cary, NC

“A Tour for the Curious and Creative”
The walking tour with Richard was fascinating. He touched on the history of Las Vegas from 1906 and brought the early casino days to life through his expansive knowledge of the neon vernacular. What I enjoyed most about the tour was his knowledge of what’s happening with the Downtown Project. As an artist, he also gave me direction on where to explore the next day, including the 18b Arts District. If you like history, livability, scandals, food, design or are generally curious, you’ll love this tour. I can’t wait to make a date for another Pop Culture tour on my next trip! (Book early in your stay because you might want to take more than one tour.
NT, Portland

“Best way to experience Fremont Street”
Not to be missed! Experience historical and current culture of Las Vegas. Richard is a fun, interesting and enthusiastic guide. After his tour, we were excited about going back to the places we had been introduced to, experiencing Fremont Street & area at our own pace, both in daytime and seeing the lights in the evening.
Jude, Calgary Canada

“A Trip Highlight!”
An interesting background history of how today’s Las Vegas began. Richard and Babs were great hosts and very knowledgeable — as well as entertaining. An easy walk down Fremont Street showed us the original casinos from the old days, as well as the iconic neon “Howdy Pardner” neon cowboy sign and his Glitter Gulch girlfriend. The tour ended with a toast to Las Vegas at the El Cortez. Would love to return and see the Mob and Neon Museums, which are within a block. There’s a lot to do and see here!
Jane, Connecticut

“The Real Vegas”
No better way to get the Vegas origin story, a taste neon art and even a little history of the slot machine in one easy stroll on Fremont Street. We were having so much fun that we wanted to take Richard and Babs with us for the rest of our time in Las Vegas!
Mary, Chicago

“A surreal, amazing trip through a Vegas we no longer knew existed.”
An absolute gem of a tour that we stumbled upon entirely by accident–and it was the undisputed highlight of our trip to Las Vegas. Richard, our incomparable guide, was like an instant friend in Vegas. He introduced us to the classic, iconic Vegas and we also got an incredible glimpse at what’s happening in Vegas today. An incredible deal and an incredible resource. Highly recommended!
Sbgleason, New York

“You will have a blast!”
I have lived here in Las Vegas for 40 years. I was amazed how much I learned on the tour. Fun facts, historical facts and lots that I did not know. Our tour was on First Friday so the whole area was full of energy and happy people yet our tour was easy and very intimate. Richard and Babs are the best! I recommend them and all their tours! You will have a blast!!
VegasWes, Las Vegas

“You won’t find a better tour!”
Richard and Babs are the best! Their combined knowledge of the history, culture and architecture of classic Vegas is unparalleled. If you are a Mid-Century Modern fan especially – Richard is your man. It doesn’t get more authentic than Babs… I mean, where else can you rub elbows with a former assistant to ole blue eyes’ himself? Loved, loved, loved this tour – and you will too. Next time you’re in Vegas, take a trip down the strip with this hip tour.
Arches, London

WOW” “Who knew!!”
We were lucky enough to get a last-minute booking for the Walking Tour. We’re a family group from Australia and wanted something more too add to our Vegas experience. We learned so much – lots of tidbits and fun, interesting stories from then and now. Tip for Vegas visitors: try to do the tour early in your stay to get a feel of the area to get you started. We’ll be sure to recommend to all our Aussie friends planning a trip to Vegas.
Ali,Perth, Austrailia

“Amazing Evening!”
I’ve been to Vegas many times, but never once had I even heard about the things we saw! Not only do Rick and Babs know every detail, but they seem to know everyone! Our small group had an amazing time walking, learning and making new friends! This is a must do if you want to see and experience something different in Las Vegas.
Keith, Fort Lauderdale

“Pop Culture Walking Tour of Downtown — top notch”
My partner and I took the Pop Culture Walking Tour and were both thoroughly impressed. Our guide, Richard, was informative and passionate with a wealth of knowledge. We learned about historical sites we would never have known about. We both appreciated Richard’s willingness to customize the tour based on our questions and interests. We ended the tour at the Container Park, and we both highly recommend a stop here. We are both thankful to have chosen this tour and both feel it was a highlight of our trip to Las Vegas.
Jane, Prince George, Canada

This is a must do, Rich was awesome and the tour was one of a kind. My husband and I toured downtown and the history we learned was something we will forever cherish, it was like spending the day with a good friend full of knowledge. I recommend this tour to all who visit Vegas – the hidden gems he shares is priceless.
Lisa, Louisiana